Quantum Legal Computing – Bye, Bye Lawyers

According to Chairman Elisabetta Zaccaria of Secure Chorus,

Elisabetta ZaccariaQuantum-related technologies have the potential to massively disrupt the legal services industry, opening up exciting new capabilities. Quantum computers will be able to perform complex tasks and improve efficiencies at a speed and scale human lawyers could not hope to achieve, such as accessing archived data and data processing. While many of these tasks will be of an administrative nature, such as eDiscovery and automated contract drafting, quantum computers will also be able to undertake far more sophisticated tasks. These will include the design of legal positions from precedents, drawing analogies between cases, principles, policies and negotiating in dynamic legal environments. [source]

Uh, that’s robo-lawyering, and so “adios abogados,” sooner rather than later you will be replaced by a robogado. Or at least, bye, bye lawyers who cannot design legal positions from precedent, or draw analogies between cases, or negotiate in dynamic real-world situations.