Legal + Digital = Legital
21st Century Digital Law Practice


Legital organizes #LegalTech product and service information into a base of tables which allows for focused assessments by attorneys and other professionals seeking to get up to speed in the rapidly evolving space of 21st century law practice.

Coming in the second quarter of 2019: Legital will offer online courses to all attorneys, solo, small firm to big firm, and other legal professionals on rising and expanding Legal Tech. Stay in touch.

Recent Points:

North Carolina has become the second state [after Florida] to mandate continuing education
for lawyers in technology. Beginning in 2019, all lawyers will be required
to complete one hour per year of CLE devoted to technology training.

There is a bewildering range of applications aimed at improving case management,
marketing and similar law firm internal operations and services.


It also seems probable that increasingly the training of lawyers will have a lawtech component,
and law firms will insist on general legal tech competence.